Illuminated emails

Between January and October 2015, I made illuminated versions of my emails, and sent them to people as attachments to the ordinary plain text messages. Here are some examples, with identifying details redacted.

Collage of thin diagonal strips cut from magazines with pictures of a narwhal and a horse in the centre, and strips of partly-redacted text arranged on top
Collage of a fashion model with eight human legs, and also her tongue is made of human legs. Strips of partly-redacted text pasted on left side
Abstract collage of diagonal strips cut from a magazine and rearranged, with horizontal partly-redacted text overlaying the whole image
Collage of photos, texta drawing and washi tape featuring a thin rainbow bear and a cat saying "mrow". Strips of partly-redacted text overlay the image
Pencil drawing of young woman wearing glasses with dirt for lenses and spewing black goo. Strips of partly-redacted text pasted on right
Clumsy green embroidery showing the words "i'll be there."
Detailed abstract pen and ink drawing featuring the words "EKSTATIC CREEP", with strips of partly-redacted text overlaid
Pencil line drawing of many speech bubbles all speaking each other, with the words "TALK FOLX" in one corner. Hand-written text in speech bubbles is mostly redacted.